Important Information Regarding

Health & Nutrition

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Meals Information

Central Day Care Centre has full-time cooks on staff who make all of the children’s meals from scratch. The extensive menu planning and co-ordination is based on the Canadian Food Guide. The children are offered both a morning snack and afternoon snack. The cook at Central also blends fresh fruits and vegetables for the babies.

Our 5-week menu cycle is posted for your viewing and home meal planning. Please advise us upon registration of any food restrictions or allergies your child may have, so we can try to provide a menu to fit your child’s food intake.

We are a peanut-free environment

We ask all staff and parents to leave these products out of the centre. Due to peanuts being a highly allergenic food, we have learned that even small traces of peanut can be deadly to those who are allergic. We won’t allow any outside foods in the classrooms unless they have a label stating that they are peanut free. For that reason, we do not allow any baked treats from home. Thank you for your understanding, as this is a serious health concern for parents and children alike.
Central Daycare Centre, Hamilton Ontario

Important Information Regarding

Health & Safety

Central Daycare Centre, Hamilton Ontario

Illness or Accident

If a child appears ill during the course of the day, daycare staff will contact a parent/guardian. Please be sure to keep us updated on your work and home numbers, as well as all emergency contacts. In the best interest of your child, and the other children at the daycare, your child should be kept at home when he/she has any of the following symptoms:

A child should not return to the Centre until they have been free from diarrhea for 24 hours. After having a fever, a child should not return to the Centre until their temperature has been normal for 24 hours. If we feel that your child is not well enough to attend, we will ask for a doctor’s note confirming that he/she is not contagious and can attend the centre.

As a courtesy, we ask that you call us by 9:30 am each day that your child will be away due to illness. It is important to advise staff as soon as possible about the type of illness your child has contracted in order to help them identify symptoms in other children in the room.

A child with a communicable disease cannot be admitted to the daycare. If your child has contracted a communicable illness (i.e. measles, mumps, chicken-pox, strep throat, pink eye, impetigo) please notify a staff member at the daycare. If exposure has unknowingly been present at the daycare, we will inform the other parents in the room that their child may have been exposed. Please consult with your doctor to confirm that your child is no longer contagious.

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Staff are only authorized to administer prescription medication. If you would like the staff to do this, there is a form to be completed. The only situation in which staff can administer non-prescription medicine (such as Advil/Tylenol) is if the medicine has been recommended by your doctor in writing and the Centre permission form has been completed. All medication must come in the original container with the label on it.

Injuries while at daycare

In the event that your child receives a minor injury while at daycare, staff will prepare an accident form for your signature. If the child needs attention, we will call the caregiver immediately at the contact numbers listed on your application form. In the event of a serious occurrence, we will also transport your child to St. Joseph’s hospital and ask you to meet us there.